Peter Cook is a doctor who has specialised in psychiatry and worked and published in the field of child and family mental health. He has also written about conservation and ecological sustainability. Dr Cook’s articles on these areas can be accessed from Publications and Other Writings.

Dr Cook’s latest book has been recently updated and the new version is available now from:

By Dr Peter Cook
Foreword by Steve Biddulph 
Copyright © 2011, Peter S. Cook.
All rights reserved.  
ISBN 978-0-977-56993-9
Mothering Matters is an updated, expanded and revised second edition that replaces Mothering Denied of April 24, 2009.

Abstract of Mothering Matters

“Although the word ‘mothering’ has become politically incorrect, the facts of life remain unchanged. Five different lines now converge to show that there is a natural, biologically-based, best-fit pattern of human mothering and it includes … ” More

Comments on Mothering Matters

“In this book Peter Cook has created something of great value. He summarises much research, making it accessible to those who wish to know more, as he draws on over half a century of thinking and learning about human infants and their mothers and fathers.”
Steve Biddulph
Psychologist, and author of Raising Babies

“I urge everyone with a social conscience to heed Peter Cook’s sage words about early childhood. Failure to do so can only result in further damage to the young and the fabric of our society.”
Forrester Cockburn
Emeritus Professor of Child Health
University of Glasgow, Scotland.

“When will the logic and evidence marshalled by Peter Cook in this book have its influence on the world of new babies? Not until all of us opt for a way of life beyond the envy and greed of consumerism, and revalue the many things that matter most for human wellbeing.”
Elliott Barker, MD.
Forensic psychiatrist, editor of Empathic Parenting
Founder, Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

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Early Child Care

Early Child Care – Infants & Nations at Risk, was first published by Freedom Publishing (as News Weekly) in 1997. It was named as one of the “Books of the Century” in a list compiled by a non-violence organisation, posted on a German website (available here)

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