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1958. Cook PS. The care of the mentally subnormal: some recent trends with special reference to the services in Northern Ireland and New Zealand. New Zealand Medical Journal 1958; 57: 27-31.

(This helped to initiate major reform in the care of the mentally handicapped in New Zealand.)

1962. Cook PS. A two-year-old’s mother goes to the maternity hospital. New Zealand Medical Journal 1962: 61: 605-608. (This was the subject of an annotation in the Medical Journal of Australia, and a leading article in the British Medical Journal – “Why not child visitors?” It led to reform of hospital rules that prevented infants and older children seeing their mothers for up to14 days.

1970a. Cook PS. Antenatal education for parenthood as an aspect of preventive psychiatry: some suggestions for programme content and objectives. Medical Journal of Australia 1970; 1:676-681. This was reprinted in The Child-Family Digest, a monthly publication from New Orleans.

1970b. The admission of mothers to hospital with their young children. Medical Journal of Australia, October 3 1970. Published as a Memorandum by the N.S.W. Branch of the Child Psychiatry Section of the Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. In October 1971 it was adopted, with appropriate modifications, as a Position Statement of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. (This helped to initiate reforms in the care of children in hospital in Australia)

1971. Memorandum on some aspects of the welfare of infants and children aged under three years, whose mothers are in full-time employment. Medical Journal of Australia, February 20 1971: 446-448. Published by the N.S.W. Branch of the Child Psychiatry Section of the Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. (P.S. Cook, with Barry Nurcombe, was principal author.) It was followed by a Position Statement of the College.

1973a. Cook PS. Children in hospital – some overseas developments. Mental Health in Australia 1973; 1:8-12. This called for, and led to, the formation of the Association for the Welfare of Children in Hospital. This Association was invited to produce a policy statement about the Care of Children in Hospital. It was published in the Medical Journal of Australia and its recommendations were accepted to be implemented as policy by the health departments in all States in Australia.

1973b. Cook PS. Childrearing, culture and mental health: the basic distrust syndrome and its influences. In: Pilowsksy I. Ed. Cultures in Collision: Proceedings of the Congress of the World Federation for Mental Health, Sydney 1973. See Cook 1978 for the final version.

1975. Cook PS and Coombs J. Obsolescence is obsolete in an inflated society. The Australian, May 6, 1975. Sydney. (Examines some economic, social and ecological effects of throw-away products and planned obsolescence. Reprinted in Ecology Action, and updated and broadcast as a talk in 1995.)

1976a. Cook PS and Woodhill JM. The Feingold dietary treatment of the hyperkinetic syndrome. Medical Journal of Australia 1976; 2: 85-90.

1977a. Cook PS and Woodhill JM. Food Additives and Hyperactivity: Follow-up. Medical Journal of Australia 1977; 1:188-189. (Replying to criticisms of 1976a)

1977b. Cook PS. Attachment and separation: what everyone should know. Written for The Annual Report for 1976-7 of the Royal Far West Children’s Health Scheme, Sydney. (Brief statement. Revised March 2000).

1978. Cook PS. Childrearing, culture and mental health: exploring an ethological- evolutionary perspective in child psychiatry and preventive mental health, with particular reference to two contrasting approaches to early childrearing. Medical Journal of Australia. Special Supplement 1978; 2: 3-14.

1980. Cook P.S. Childrearing, culture and mental health – a précis. Australian Journal of Early Childhood 1980; 5:1, 4-8. (An abbreviated version of Cook 1978, prepared by the editor of the Aust Journal of Early Childhood.)

1995. Cook PS. Wear-out products, prosperity and environmental degradation: effects on the economy, the consumer and the environment. A talk broadcast in the Ockham’s Razor Program by the Science Unit of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Radio National, December 9, 1995.

1996a. Cook PS. The early history of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists and the related movement of primary prevention in mental health: some recollections. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, June 1996; 30:405-409. (This paper includes a photograph of participants at the conference when the NZAP was formed in December 1947).

1997. Cook PS. Early Child Care – Infants and Nations at Risk. Foreword by Professor Jay Belsky. (Preferably see corrected 2nd printing, May 1997, with Postscript, updating to age 3 the NICHD Study Results. 215pages). News Weekly Books (now Freedom Books), 582 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne, Victoria 3051, Australia. Fax +61 3 9326 5757.

Chapter 1, The Species-normal experience for human infants – a biological and cross-cultural perspective, is at

The Synopsis is at

1998. Cook PS. Fifty years of psychotherapy, but what about early childcare and child mental health? Forum, J NZAP 1998, 4:97-114. (Edited from paper to 50th Anniversary Conference of NZ Association of Psychotherapy, Christchurch, 1998.)

1999a. Cook PS. Rethinking the early child care agenda. Medical Journal of Australia 1999, 170: 29-31. – accessible via a link

1999b. Cook Peter. Home truths absent in early childcare debate: We need parent-friendly options. Opinion page. The Australian March 24, Sydney.

1999c. Cook PS. The role of myth in childcare policy. Letter, The Australian, April 14, Sydney

1999d. Cook PS. Letter. In reply. Rethinking the early child care agenda. Medical Journal of Australia 1999, 171. has link to

Letter and response to this article:

1999e. Cook PS. Margaret Mead, Samoa and the sexual revolution: A Historical Analysis of Her Samoan Research. News Weekly, August 14, 1999, 582 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne, Victoria 3051. This is a summary-review of “The Fateful Hoaxing of Margaret Mead” (with an outline of its far-reaching effects) by Derek Freeman. This includes the final verification of Freeman’s evidence, as later presented in his definitive paperback 2nd edition, published by Westfield Press.

See also Chapter 9 in Mothering Denied.

2000. Cook PS. Who Cares? Sydney Morning Herald, May 4, 2000. Letter in response to “All Care”… by Bettina Arndt (SMH, April 29).

2000. Cook PS. The Tragedy of the Commons versus a sustainable environment. A 13-minute “Ockham’s Razor” talk, recorded by the Science Unit of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sydney. 

2002. Cook PS. Make mothers matter: Childcare is just that – not parenting. The Australian July 24, 2002, Sydney. Available in the archives of The Australian and as “Mothering Matters” on

2004Cook PS. Feminism, childcare, and family mental health: have women been mis-led by equality feminism? ByronChild, Sept. 2004, 28-31. (Now renamed Kindred). Byron Publications, PO Box 1542 Byron Bay, 2481. May be seen on

2005. Cook PS. Simplified parenting for mental health – a framework. On website of The Natural Child Project, USA.

2005. Cook PS. How much childcare is detrimental? Byronchild (Now renamed Kindred) June-Aug 2005: 11-13. Requested answer to correspondent’s question.

2005. Cook PS. Equal opportunity for babies: breastfeeding as a strategic priority. byronchild (now renamed Kindred) Sept 2005.

2006. Cook PS. Positive effects of close parent-child bonding. In Press. Chapter in book on The Continuum Concept. Tantum. Vienna (Commissioned as a chapter in a book in German and English on evidence relating to “The Continuum Concept”).

2009. Cook PS. Mothering Matters: The sources of love, and how our culture harms infants, women, and Society. Foreword by Steve Biddulph.